About me

I have worked in all branches of management development consultancy, programme design and delivery, designing and facilitating team effectiveness and change management workshops, talent and career management and executive coaching.  Key to my work is my coaching and leadership development business, where I focus on “creating spaces where people can touch base with themselves”.

In recent years my work has focused around personal development and I am a director of Enneagram Training UK and Ireland.

For my career history, please see https://ithakamoments.co.uk/about-me/my-career-history/

Key themes which inform my work

Head, Heart and Body

Recent work in neurological science is confirming that we have 3 centres of knowing (head, heart and gut).  My experience has been that we can make faster progress and be more balanced in our lives if we work on the three centres together for both personal and professional development. I encountered Shiatsu and Chinese bodywork in 2006, and qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner (MRSS) in 2010. I like to encourage people to find bodywork practices that support their emotional and intellectual development – and to develop the ones they already have!

Emotional awareness and effectiveness

I encourage people to look behind their behaviour patterns to discover what drives them.  This helps them to recognise what serves them well and to free up the parts of themselves which no longer serve them as well as in their past. As part of my professional journey, I encountered the Enneagram in 2001 and qualified as an Enneagram Teacher in 2004.  Since then I have used the Enneagram extensively in my coaching, and as a support for individuals in leadership and personal development workshops (where it’s relevant of course!) I have translated and edited a number of books on the Enneagram and I am a core faculty member on the Enneagram Professional Training Programme in the Narrative Tradition in the UK .

Some of my recent work

  • Intensive Growth Journey, Deepening Spiritual Awareness and Growth with the Subtypes workshops, for  Enneagram Professional Training Programme
  • Enneagram Professional development workshops for Enneagram Training UK and Ireland
  • Coaching teams and individuals – private and public sector

Qualifications and Memberships

  • MA in Personal and Organisational Development
  • Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring
  • Certified Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition
  • Registered Shiatsu Practitioner with the Shiatsu Society (MRSS)