About the Enneagram

The word ‘Enneagram’ comes from the Greek ennea gramma, which means ‘nine-sided figure.’  – it’s a nine-pointed figure inside a circle.  Most people encounter the Enneagram as  a system of personality study based on nine types of human motivation. Today the Enneagram is used by many organisations to enable people to understand themselves and others in community.

The main idea of the Enneagram is that we all have a central motivational pattern, formed in early life, has helped us to manage the world in which we live.  If though it becomes habitual, automatic, it can also limit us. The aim of understanding more about our motivational patterns is to help us know ourselves better and to reconnect with our true self that lies deep inside, beyond mere personality.

The journalist and writer Michael Goldberg writes that:

 “By becoming conscious of our mode of attention, we discover how our worldview is limited, and how it differs from those of others. We see how their journeys, their personal experiences are different; we begin to understand their point of view. We also discover that others share the same perspective as us, and we then begin to understand the meaning of the word ‘compassion,’ both for ourselves and for others.”

 If you want to go on an Enneagram course ……

Enneagram Alive gives information about all traditions of the Enneagram and  details of events in the UK.

For details of personal and professional Enneagram training courses in the narrative tradition, in the UK, see Enneagram Training UK and Ireland.

Email me to talk more about what the Enneagram might be able to do for you. heatherbrown@ithakamoments.co.uk