Personal and executive coaching

I help intact teams to improve the effectiveness of their relationships with each other and with key people elsewhere in their organisation. I coach managers in organisations, priests developing their leadership skills and people who want to explore, examine and re-stump their life direction. (Many Australian houses are built on stumps to hold them off the ground.  Every few years you need to jack the house up, examine the stumps and replace any that aren’t working any more. Then you gently lower the house back down on to its new stumps to continue its journey into the future.)

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I can accompany you (and/or your team) as you explore your future possibilities and directions. .


Examples of Recent Assignments

Enneagram Leadership Training for a multinational corporate

This company wanted to develop its leaders by giving them the opportunity to develop their self-reflectiveness and awareness of their core skills and qualities. With colleagues, we facilitated 2 day residential workshops and follow-up sessions back at work.

Self Care Retreat for body, heart and mind 

Self-care isn’t selfish; it is what enables us to become more aware, responsible and resourceful so that we can be more present and helpful to others. In this workshop people were able to take the time to:

  • Recognise when you overuse your head, (we all do!) and the consequences of that
  • Learn techniques to take care of your body energy and make contact with your heart
  • Understand why sometimes our personality doesn’t let us take care of ourselves, and what to do about it
  • Develop specific sequences for care of body, heart and head, which you can take away and use.

We met in a beautiful venue with a garden, on three Sundays over six weeks, so that participants could try out what they learned between sessions and benefit from individual coaching.   Everyone left with their own three-centred self-care plan which they had developed.

Journeying with the Enneagram 

In this 3 day introductory workshop we explored with participants:

  • Identifying Enneagram type drivers/behaviours that help me in life, and also those that hinder
  • Valuing what my type brings to me and to others/the world
  • Starting to work with exploring my type more deeply (loving the part of me that decided on my type strategy)
  • Celebrating my type and identifying activities to work with it at home.

We used discussion and pairwork, meditation, poetry, music and simple bodywork exercises to help us experience the three Enneagram centres. Our approach was to land gently (or not at all!) on one type, focussing rather on enjoying the journey of discovery and realising what was really true for each one of us.

Please contact me to discuss how using the Enneagram might enhance the particular journey you’re on.